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This warrant is for a person who coaches staff on the practical aspects of a role and prepares them for assessment.

The TTM Mentor is required to verify tasks have been successfully performed to standard. Verifications are required for:

  • Unit Standard 31958 – TTM Worker
  • Unit Standard 31960 – Tasks 1 – 4
  • Unit Standard 31963 – Two Closures
  • STMS Mobile – Two Mobile closures

TTM Mentor workshop is one day and competed in two parts:

  • Part A: Knowledge about the TTM Mentor role and the mentoring process
  • Part B: Practice mentoring on key tasks in the yard (includes assessment)

Workshop includes:

  • TTM Mentor Handbook
  • Training material for TTM Worker including PowerPoint and Assessment (electronic)
  • Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea
  • A verification card which can be used as proof of the warrant (until the Waka Kotahi card arrives)
  • Waka Kotahi registration

The TTM Mentor warrant is completed as a one-off training session.  The warrant is current so long as the STMS Practising warrant is current. The TTM Mentor provides briefings and verifications that are required for the TTM Worker, TMO P and STMS P categories in the training and competency model.


The person applying to become a TTM Mentor must hold the STMS Practising warrant for the category of road they are mentoring on.

An application form will also need to be completed and acceptance from Waka Kotahi to allow the Mentor warrant to be issued. This will be sent out to be completed after booking has been made.

For more information about this warrant refer to the Waka Kotahi TTM Mentor information.

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