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Traffic Management Operative (TMO)
Non-Practising (NP)

The TMO warrant replaces the Traffic Controller warrant. It is a new learning block and for people who:

  • Mind a worksite in the absence of the STMS
  • Set up a worksite where TTM is clear of the live lane
  • Undertake a roadside activity (on 60km/h or less road)
  • Complete an inspection activity

The TTM Worker standard is a prerequisite to the TMO warrant (or a previous TC warrant).

The workshop is theory based. The assessment is sat progressively during the workshop, this is registered as the TMO NP warrant with Waka Kotahi and can be registered as a unit standard.

Topics include:

  • The TMO role (what you can and cannot do)
  • Risk assessment and managing risks
  • Knowledge of CoPTTM requirements and how to read a TMP
  • Completing inspection activities
  • Completing worksite checks and paperwork
  • Briefing visitors
  • Managing manual traffic controller (MTC) activities
  • Dealing with common worksite situations
  • Dealing with the public and working with staff

Workshop fee includes:

  • Waka Kotahi registration fee
  • Assessment material
  • TMO Handbook
  • Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea
  • A verification card which can be used as proof of the warrant (until the Waka Kotahi card arrives)

Unit Standard

The STMS NP can be registered as a Unit Standard:

Warrant Unit Std Title Level Credit
TMO NP 31959 Demonstrate knowledge of stakeholder and operational
requirements for temporary traffic management
3 5

Additional on-job coaching from a TTM Mentor and a practical assessment by a TTM Assessor are required for those who require the TMO practising warrant.

For more information about this warrant refer to the Waka Kotahi Traffic management operative (TMO) information

Fees are exclusive of GST.

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