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STMS Mobile
Non Practising (NP)

The STMS Universal (STMS -U) theory learning must be achieved prior to sitting the STMS Mobile warrant.

The STMS Mobile warrant provides the base knowledge for undertaking mobile operations on either category A and B road environments or the shoulder of category C road environments.

The STMS Mobile non-practising warrant is the prerequisite to the STMS Mobile practising warrant.

The workshop is theory based and includes tests which are sat progressively during the workshop. The warrant is registered as the STMS Mobile – NP warrant with Waka Kotahi.

Topics include:

  • complete risk assessment for the mobile activity
  • calculate layout distances for mobile operations
  • complete mobile operations and closures
  • complete semi-static closures

Workshop fee includes:

  • Waka Kotahi registration fee
  • STMS Mobile Handbook
  • Loan iPad
  • morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • a verification card which can be used as proof of the warrant (until the Waka Kotahi card arrives)

This learning block is not appropriate if the person is required to be in charge of mobile operations to install, maintain or remove TTM at static worksites. The STMS category A, B, or C learning blocks cover this activity. Refer to STMS Cat AB NP and or STMS Cat C NP

There is not a Unit Standard associated with this Waka Kotahi warrant.
For more information about this warrant please refer to Waka Kotahi STMS Mobile.

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