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The Inspector warrant replaces the TC-Inspector warrant. It is a new learning block and for people who carry out inspection activities:

  • In category A and B road environments
  • On the shoulder of category C road

The workshop includes theory based tests, coaching and practical on the road assessments in both category A and  environments. There is no prerequisite for this warrant. It may be added as an additional one-off module for a STMS NP qualified person to enable them to carry out inspection activates.  It is renewed every three years with a briefing and re-assessment of the practical task.

Topics include:

  • About the Inspector role
  • TTM requirements for inspections
  • Reading the TMP and completing on-site records
  • Risk identification and managements
  • Acting as spotter
  • Briefings
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Working around an inspection vehicle
  • Safety (no go) zones

The Workshop fee includes:

  • Waka Kotahi registration fee
  • Inspector Handbook
  • Assessment material
  • morning tea and lunch
  • A verification card which can be used as proof of the warrant (until the Waka Kotahi card arrives)

For more information about this warrant refer to the Waka Katahi Inspector information

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