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Traffic Management Operative (TMO)
Practising (P)

The TMO NP theory learning must be achieved prior to obtaining the practicing warrant.
On-job coaching from a TTM Mentor and a practical assessment by a TTM Assessor are required.

There are four tasks required to complete the assessment.

  • Maintain a closure: shoulder; berm activity; or footpath control
  • Maintain a closure: lane merge; lane shift; cycle lane; or priority control with TSL
  • Maintain a closure: controlling alternating flow
  • Use techniques to deal with conflict on the worksite
  • Tasks 1, 2 & 4 are observed by a TTM Mentor. This can be a TTM Mentor in your workplace.
  • Task 3 is observed by the TTM Assessor.

Note: A Traffic Controller renewing their qualification as a TMO Practising must first renew the TMO NP and then sit Task 3 with a TTM Assessor.

Warrant Unit Std Title Level Credit
TMO P 31960 Maintain the worksite under temporary traffic management 3 10

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    Please state whether the candidates have completed their TMO NP and also whether the Tasks observed by the TTM Mentor have been completed.

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