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Traffic Management Operative – P

The TMO Practising warrant enables a person to:

  • Qualification for CAT A and B roads only. Not CAT C
  • Mind a worksite in the absence of the STMS
  • Undertake roadside activities (on 60km/h or less road)
  • Complete an inspection activities

Warrant Unit Std Title Level Credit
TMO P 31960 Maintain the worksite under temporary traffic management 3 10

A TMO must complete both theory TMO NP and practical assessments.

On-job coaching from a TTM Mentor and a practical assessment by a TTM Assessor are required for completion of the TMO P.

We are also able to undertake the TTM Mentor role for you if you are unable to complete this within your workplace. Please get in touch to discuss further.

There are seven practical tasks required:

  • TASK 1: Maintain a closure – berm activity or footpath control
  • TASK 2: Maintain a closure – lane merge, lane shift, cycle lane diversion, or priority control with TSL
  • TASK 3: Undertake inspection activity on the shoulder of a category B road environment
  • TASK 4: Use techniques to deal with conflict on the worksite
  • TASK 5: Maintain a closure – controlling alternating flow
  • TASK 6: Install, maintain, and remove a shoulder closure worksite clear of the live lane
  • TASK 7: Undertake inspection activity on a category A road environment

Tasks 1 -4 are observed by a TTM Mentor. This can be a TTM Mentor in your workplace.

Tasks 5-7 are observed by the TTM Assessor.

We can book a workgroup of four together using your TTM vehicles or alternatively we can book an individual with a small group of others they will work with on the day. Please allow a full day for sitting the practical tasks 5- 7.

Included in the assessment:

  • Assessment material
  • A verification card which can be used as proof of the warrant (until the Waka Kotahi card arrives)
  • Waka Kotahi TMO Practising registration
  • Unit Standard 31960 (where the holder has the prerequisite)

Please bring:

PPE Gear including high-vis vest, cut resistant gloves and safety boots.


The TMO NP is the prerequisite to the sitting the TMO practical assessments.
A person who has previously held a TC can achieve the TMO P warrant by sitting the TMO P assessment tasks (Tasks 5 -7).
A person who is sitting the Unit Standard 31960 must complete all practical tasks (Tasks 1 – 7).

For more information about this warrant refer to the Waka Kotahi Traffic management operative (TMO) information.

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