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The STMS Practising warrant is required for on-site STMS. An STMS must complete the practical tasks for each of the categories of road environment.

On-job coaching and verification from a TTM Mentor and a practical assessment by a TTM Assessor are required for completion of each category of road environment (A, B or C).

Warrant Unit Std Title Level Credit
STMS Practising 31963 Operate as a practising Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) on a road environment as defined in CoPTTM 3 20

For each closure the following Tasks are required:

  • TASK 1: Check the TMP
  • TASK 2: Carry out pre-departure checks
  • TASK 3: Check the TMP to site conditions
  • TASK 4: Carry out the TTM crew briefing
  • TASK 5: Installation of TTM
  • TASK 6: Monitoring
  • TASK 7: Removal of TTM
  • TASK 8: Make provisions for unattended worksites

Two verified closures can be observed by a TTM Mentor. This can be a TTM Mentor in your workplace.

The Practical Assessment is observed by the TTM Assessor.

We can book candidates using your TTM vehicles (A, B or C). This is time charged.

Alternatively (for A & B only) we can book a candidate with a small group of others they will work with on the day.

Included in the assessment:

  • Assessment material
  • A verification card which can be used as proof of the warrant (until the Waka Kotahi card arrives)
  • Waka Kotahi STMS Practising registration
  • Unit Standard 31963 (where the holder has the prerequisite)

Please bring:

  • PPE Gear including high-vis vest, cut resistant gloves and safety boots.


The STMS NP (Cat A, B or C) is the prerequisite to the sitting the STMS practical assessments in the same category. A new person who has not previously held a TC will also require the TMO P.
A previously warranted STMS can gain their new warrant by completing the STMS NP Refresher and sitting the practical assessment. A new STMS (or any STMS requiring the Unit Standard) must first complete two verified closures.
A person who is sitting the Unit Standard 31963 must complete all practical tasks including the prerequisite TMO P.

For more information about this warrant refer to the Waka Kotahi STMS Category A, B and C information.

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