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Cat A, B & C Assessments

All contractor’s staff who carry out on site duties of the STMS must hold the Practising warrant.

Candidates requiring an STMS (Cat A, B or C) Practising qualification must pass the requirements of a Practical Assessment.

For candidates who have not previously held a practising qualification, two parts are required:

  • Part 1 – Verification by a TTM Mentor of two closures carried out ‘under instruction’ of an STMS (Cat A, B or C, depending on the category of road required)
  • Part 2 -For the Practical Assessment each Candidate is required to:
    -check the TMP to be used for their Practical Assessment
    -deliver a Tool Box briefing to the crew
    -carry out a check of the equipment used
    -instruct the crew on the full installation of the worksite
    -carry out a check of the Worksite
    -induct the assessor in to working space (& show the assessor the completed paper work)
    -instruct the crew on the removal of the site

The prerequisite for the Practical Assessment is holding an STMS NP warrant (Cat A, B or C).

For an STMS Practising who is renewing their qualification, only Part 2 above is required.

Warrant Unit Std Title Level Credit
STMS Practising 31963 Operate as a practising Site Traffic Management Supervisor(STMS) on a road environment as defined in CoPTTM Level 3 20 Credits

Please note an additional fee applies for those who require the Unit Standard to be registered.

Fees are exclusive of GST.

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    Please state which Cat of STMS is required, whether the candidates have completed their STMS NP or STMS Refresher and also whether the Tasks observed by the TTM Mentor have been completed (or N/A for a reassessment).

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